Skincare Gifts for Friends and Family During the Holidays

Skincare Gifts for Friends and Family During the Holidays

Skincare Gifts for Friends and Family During the Holidays

Everybody loves gifts, this is an undeniable fact. It is scientifically proven that the brain releases endorphins and other feel-good hormones when gifts are being unboxed. It’s safe to say one of the best ways to communicate your love and care for your friends and family is to wrap up gifts and give them the pleasure of unwrapping them.

But what type of gifts can you give your friends and family that’ll have them smiling from ear to ear every time they use it? What are practical gifts that won’t end up on a shelf or store room somewhere gathering dust? A viable answer is skincare products. Skincare products can be a great way to show care in that you’re giving them the tools to further take care of themselves and look their best. Skincare products are practical and needed every day so we can look and feel our best. The big question is, what type of skincare products can you give as gifts that will be a source of delight and joy to your loved ones?

In this article, we’re recommending gifts based on skincare essentials and basic practices that will further help your friends and family in their skincare journey. Keep reading and you’re sure to get ideas that will help you put together a set of skincare products that will be highly appreciated by your loved ones.

Skincare Products You Can Give As Gifts

  • Cleanser

Cleansers are one of the fundamental products for an effective skincare routine. They cater to the first step in a comprehensive skincare routine; washing the face.  We all need to regularly wash our faces to get rid of dirt and grime that can clog up the pores and cause issues down the line. So, everyone needs a cleanser, every day, for healthy and good-looking skin. You can never go wrong with a cleanser as a gift.

  • Moisturizer

A moisturizer is used right after cleansing the face and freeing it of dirt and grime. And the main purpose is to moisturize and hydrate the skin to keep it healthy and glowing. Laverne’s Lumiere Advanced Anti-Aging Brightening Moisturizer is a soft collagen cream with hemp seed oil for a smoother-looking and brighter skin tone. Designed for all skin types to deeply moisturize and prevent dark circles, fine lines, and uneven texture. This moisturizing product is rich in hydrolyzed collagen, hemp seed oil, and other natural active ingredients that will keep your skin hydrated, firm, and elastic.

  • Toner

A toner falls under the treat category when talking about skincare. Most people know about cleansers and moisturizers and have them in their basic skincare routine, but toners can be unknown territory. Toners are liquids that penetrate the skin to give instant hydration, remove dead skin cells, and restore the skin’s pH balance. You can read this article about toners to get more details about toners and why they are great for the skin. Giving a toner as a gift is a great way to introduce your loved ones to the many benefits of toners and further elevate their skincare routine.

The Lumiere Niacinamide Hyaluronic Acid White Tea Tree Toner is made with natural ingredients like cabbage leaf extract, niacinamide, allantoin, and others to give your skin everything it needs to remain fresh and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a perfect gift for friends and family. 

Christmas Holiday Skincare Cosmetics Gifts CanadaNatural skincare products make excellent gifts for family and friends.
  • Serum

Serums are specially designed to target problem areas like dark spots and reduce the signs of aging. Adding serums to any skincare routine is a great way to start the journey toward having skin without blemishes or spots.

Serums are usually packed with active ingredients like retinol and vitamin C. So they’ll make a great gift for your loved ones. If they already have a serum in their skincare routine they’ll understand and appreciate the gesture, and if they don’t it’ll be a nice way to introduce them to a product that will take their skincare game to the next level. 

A good serum to give as a gift to friends and family is the Lumiere Multi-Corrective Firming Lifting Serum. It is an intensive care serum rich in vitamins and collagen for youthful skin. And it works for all skin types, making it a perfect gift for anyone. It is specially designed to target problem areas, restore collagen production, and reduce the signs of aging.

  • Mask

Adding a mask is a surefire way to step up any skincare routine. You can target a lot of problems like dryness, dehydration, large pores, and acne with masks. Like serums, a face mask is a vehicle through which effective skincare ingredients are delivered to the skin.  Face masks are not daily staples like moisturizers and cleansers, they are designed to be used intermittently for the best results.

There are several masks you can give as a gift to your loved ones that will do wonders for their skin. There’s the Lumiere Intensive Brightening Glow Cellulose Mask designed for all skin types to improve uneven skin tone and improve skin clarity. There are also other great masks like the Lumiere Intensive 72-Hour Hydrating Cellulose Mask for deep hydration and the Lumiere Intensive Anti-Aging Anti-Inflammatory Cellulose Mask formulated with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to minimize the appearance of fine lines and reduce the look of age spots.

  • Emulsion 

An emulsion is almost the same as a moisturizer, but it’s more lightweight because it is water-based. They are particularly great for moisturizing oily skin and sensitive skin, but they work for all skin types. The Lumiere Collagen Niacinamide Firming White Tea Tree Emulsion is designed to generously hydrate the skin for a smooth and even tone. It will be a perfect gift for your loved ones to give them radiant and healthy-looking skin.

  • Sunscreen

The sun is beautiful and all, but the UV rays that come with the light aren't a good friend to the skin. Extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays can age the skin faster and increase the risk of developing certain types of cancers. A great way to protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays is to use sunscreen. It offers protection anytime you have to go outside or even when you’re inside because UV rays can get through windows and have contact with the skin. Gifting sunscreen to your loved ones is a great way to show them you care about their well-being and the health and look of their skin.

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